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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    On Monday, Caelin and I were feeling rather ready to tackle the world of cookie baking- 2 days later, here we are, finishing the last batch of the sugar cookies. At least she is still smiling.
    FYI, If I never see another piece of cookie dough or another pie recipe I will be a happy woman. Too much for me (4 pies and 120+ cookies later...)
    And I still have to bake the candied yams recipe, the stuffing, and the monkey bread for the morning...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
    Good thing my girls and I got in a few moments of quiet time this afternoon. Caelin is getting so big- these moments will be gone before I realize it. It was fun just to watch them play and snuggle- their personalities are so much alike. These are the moments that I miss because I work so stinkin much!
    By the way, potty training is a BUST!!! She still screams "NOOOOOOOO" whenever I even mention the "p" word!! :)