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    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    becoming a radical christian

    If you haven't read any of the Radical books- you may still be under a rock! I read the first book, Radical, a year ago, and just finished Radical Together. These two books have impacted the way I view my world and my role in it. We are called to be disciples and there is nothing passive about this role. Both of these books re-affirmed my view that my faith needs to be bold- that I need to continue to look for ways to impact hte world for Jesus Christ. Need some inspiration? Then, read Radical Together.

    Grace is free!- a review of Lilies in moonlight

    I don't usually pick up Christian fiction, but this time, I did, and I am glad I did! Through the blogging for books adventure, I read Lilies in Moonlight by Allison Pittmann. I loved it!The two main characters, Lily and Cullen, both are looking for grace, for fogiveness. This theme is so universal, i was immediately drawn to the story. Set in the Roaring Twenties, just after WWI, Lily's and Cullen two very different worlds collide in a chance encounter and they will never be the same. The author does a fabulous job engaging me with the storyline, the setting, and the central theme of grace. Read it- you won't be sorry!

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Those very cool GOD moments

    Last weekend, I presented a workshop at the LEA Convocation [which to all you non-Lutheran teachers is the National Lutheran teachers conference held every three years.]

    My journey began over two years ago when I decided after much back and forth conversation with God that I would submit a proposal to submit. I had never taught in a school that attended the LEA Convocation and I SOOOOO wanted to what better way to go than to present? My father-in-law helped me with the proposal, and after an agonizing 5 months, I learned that I was in!!!!!

    God is so mysterious in his ways, and in my life I have learned that when I try to do things my way HE turns events around. and he did. I panicked until the very end. I used a buddy pass (flew stand by) to get to Cincinnati, scrambled and begged to find (literally) funds to support my journey, and watched God worked his miracles, all the while noticing that none of it was because I had done anything. ALL happened because he worked his wonders.

    Sharon and Carilise helped fund my way to Cincinnati, and Sharon had one request: give Gordon Stueckert a hug. I had never met Gordon; he was the founding principal of my school so I walked by his portrait every morning, but I had never met him. And, find him? In a crowd of 15,000? By Friday night, that seemed impossible, especially when I was leaving Saturday. So my prayer that night as I fell asleep was simply, "God, only you can cross my path with Gordon. I promised Sharon I would give him a hug."

    Lo, and behold, and I am signing in for my presentation Saturday morning, whose name tag is at my eye level? Gordon's!!! I started jumping and yelping!!! "God answered my prayer!!! He did it! You are Gordon!!"

    He must have thought I was crazy. Once I introduced myself though, I did give him a hug, and even better, I took a picture and instantly tagged Sharon via Faceboook. One of those times I LOVE social networking!!

    I still get chills when think about my Gordon God moment, and the cool thing is, God was all over my trip. Four job offers, someone to design my website; the sky is the limit- I just need to let go and let God be GOD!!!!

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Father's Day and a Mother's Pride

    My Chad, now 11, demonstrated the kindest heart recently in a way that pierced mine. As he nears closer to those teenage years, I hope he never loses his sensitivity, his tenderness.

    His friend, Jared, lost his dad two year's ago tomorrow. Chad was with Jared when RJ died. Chad and Jared were inseparable for the entire week after he died. Those two are just solid friends.
    For Father's Day, my kids decided that they wanted to take Cory fishing in north Georgia. That Sunday, Chad came to me and pulled me aside,
    "Mom, today's not a good day for Jared. Can we bring him too? He loves to fish."
    After convincing him to ask his dad privately, not in front of Jared, he did just that. Two hours later, Jared joined our crew as we headed north for two days of fishing and camping. Only Cory rivaled Jared in the number of fish caught. He had the best weekend, and I think RJ was smiling.
    I was smiling too- I was beaming with pride. My son understood friendship and he shared his dad.

    (Jared- is the one holding the fish! :))

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Say What?

    This school year has been a challenge, to say the least for Blake...and his parents. after several months of pulling my hair out and worrying and stressing and then still trying to cope with the other kids. i broke down.
    i asked my counselor about it.
    "From what you are describing, it sounds like he has ADD"
    Ok. I can live with that. So she sends me to a website, run by the ADD guru Dr. Amens to investigate further. i took the quiz- for Blake. Yep. That was easy. But as I was taking the quiz, I started to sweat.
    Some of the questions were uncomfortably personal. Many of the questions seem to be describing me.
    Yep- According to Dr. Amen's quiz, I DEFINITELY have ADD.
    Ouch. I didn't see that one coming. I have blamed Cory for years for having ADD and being in denial.
    Apparently, i was in deep denial. My train wreck house managing skills (or lack there of), my impulsive spending, my 90 mile per hour work day, with 52 projects open at a time. The anxiety....the list is actually endless! :)
    I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. i can't wait to see what she says.

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Watch where you walk

    The day started out better than it ended yesterday. Last night, I retired early- around 7 pm- fighting a stomach bug, riding the waves of nausea, vowing not to throw up, and aching. Oh, my head ached.
    So, this morning was looking to be better. The nausea was gone, the headache was minimal, and we were headed to the beach. I packed my five favorite books, my new iPod, and was looking forward to what the day held.
    Until, the stupid bird pooped on me. Seriously. I have always joked about it. But, there I was, standing under the tall Florida pines, feet away from the water, and I felt something wet graze my hairline and plop onto my shirt. Looked down.
    Yep. definitely bird poop.
    After hollering for a moment or two about just my luck, I laughed. I mean, seriously, what can I do?
    If this is any precursor to the year ahead of me, I better keep laughing! Or find myself some serious prayer warriors!
    After the poop- the beach was great. I just avoided all trees! :)

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Christmas Eve Reflections

    Merry Christmas to all!
    As I sat my four children down in front of our tiny little Charlie Brown tree this evening, my voice started to rise, trying to reach above the mayhem that comes from taking pictures of four squirmy children on Christmas Eve. I think I was getting a little too loud.

    "Mom- stop!," my 12 year old yelled, "this is supposed to be fun and you are yelling at us!"

    Oops. My voice was a little loud- but in my defense- I am naturally loud.
    Anyway, she was right, trying to get the perfect picture, I was losing it. Moments before we left for church. I am sure my God is up there in the heavens just chuckling over my antics. Some people's children never change.
    We have had a good year. And look at how my children have changed. Caelin seems to have grown overnight into a young teenager. Chad is still the most smiley boy I have ever met, Blake still pushed all my buttons and yet tugs at my heart strings with his quiet hugs, and Delaney. She still rules our roost. Even at three.
    My prayer as I head into this new year is that you find your Savior and appreciate all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. I would love the chance to chat with you again in heaven. My prayer requests? Pray for my journey as I head into the final countdown to Honduras. I am terrified and yet extremely excited at the same time. I know God will use me and I guess even that terrifies me. I hope I don't mess it up- good thing he will use me in spite of me!
    Have a blessed remaining of your 2009.