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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    Winter Break!

    The last week has been quite productive. For one thing- I don't recognize my house anymore- i emptied this house of JUNK!
    This is all the junk I filled my hallway with and then donated to Goodwill....and I did this three times! Yikes....Then, this morning, I finally used the brithday present that Blake won for me at the Frostbite 5K- 8 weeks of unlimited training at I went this morning....and boy was I out of my element. One hour of grueling exercises, 5 other people not sweating nearly as much as I was, and one trainer watching me....But, as I said, walking, crawling out of the door- "I survived". Not only did I survive- but I am going back- every morning at 5:30 for more.....
    So now, after this week I have a clean house and am getting slimmer by the day....

    On another note- Blake celebrated his 7th birthday this week- so the kids and I went to Jumping Jelly Beans for an afternoon of jumping.
    It has been quite the week!