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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009


    Another post topic taken from the One Minute Writer.

    For what do I hope?

    I hope for a day in which my students- all of them- treat one another kindly. I hope for the day that they understand the meaning of bringing glory to God in their actions and their words.

    Another disheartening day- although by all accounts, it started off well, and quite frankly, the school day ended well also. Until I looked in my inbox and noticed an email regarding bad behavior on my student's part. Bad bullying, mean behavior. I can't stand it.

    It scare me because there are many days I see glimpses of their adulthood and I want so desperately to be able to shape their future. Yet, sin is always crouching at their door and the minute my guard is down, it creeps back in.

    I think I must have let down the full frontal prayer attack. I need to step it up. I need Jesus to calm the mean spirits that are encircling around the 6th grade classroom.

    I hope for an overflow of kindness, gentleness, and love. Jesus, help us.