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    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Christmas cards are a chore for me- not because I don't like writing the letters or making the cards (yes- I try to make my own...), but because I can never seem to find enough time to get them sent out before all the craziness of the last few weeks of school, it is hard to find the quiet moments to work on them...
    Nevertheless, I trudge forward. I have competed my design this year- I am including the latest photo I forced my four kiddos to sit through (on the beach- I have always wanted to try that),

    a poem as the message inside, and a few handwritten words on each one. Goal: mailed by December 24.
    Could be difficult though. My dreaded abdominal surgery has been scheduled for December 17- let' see how talented Dr. Winger is! He will removing my gall bladder, appendix and then re-structuring my intestines- all lapriscopically- or at least that's the hope. I have no idea what the recovery time will be like- but I am guessing it will encroach upon my Christmas card deadline.
    So here's to those quiet moments I crave, and friends finding their quiet time to share their stories (Stacey!!), hot apple cider (nice to sip while witting cards!), and may the force (and God's steady hand be with Dr. Winger...