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    Monday, December 22, 2008

    A different kind of tummy tuck

    Last Wednesday, I had surgery. I have been having these issues- I won't go into details- but after many doctor visits (and co-pays) my issues were narrowed down to two things: my gall bladder and my polysplenia synrome (which, if you have never heard of it- and most haven't- makes me a feak of nature- but that's another story...).
    So the illustious Dr. Winger- who looks like and not any older than Doogie- set my surgery date and we were off.
    The good news is that it was not invasive. Even going into surgery, I was told he may need to cut me open to set my intetines straight. I guess he didn't, because all I have to show for my 2 hour surgery are four holes. 3 holes are in my upper belly area and 1 is right in my belly button. Which brings me to the tummy tuck. Somehow, in process of going in through the belly button, I hve received a funny kind of tummy tuck. My tummy is definitely tucked in there. It looks wierd. Very wierd. I wish he could have tucked in more....
    We have been inundated with food by our church- mostly pasta- but to my surprise- tonight's meal is meat, potatoes, and vegetables....a nice break from the pasta...and then earlier, a couple from church dropped off a huge bin of food staples- canned goods, bread, all sorts of goodies.
    A tummy tuck with benefits!