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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Heavy Heart, Much Work

    It has been a crazy day. Chad had a blow out in his classroom. Being that Jim (my principal is out of town, and I am the acting principal), guess who had to deal with it? That was a hat I'd rather not try on too often, especially with my own son.

    Then, my 6th grade boys had a scuffle. Another trip to the principal's office, only I don't have an office, so we used Cory's. Round 2.

    After school, my heart sank further. I was wearied from the angst and emotions my day had spit through. Upon opening the local news webpage, I discovered that one of my student's own life has spiraled further downward. Her father was convicted last Friday of assaulting and raping her mother, nearly to death. He was sentenced to three life in prisons today. From the outside looking in, as I peer over the rim of this girl's life, I don't see any trauma. But as she struggles to find her new parameters, I see tiny tears and rips that threaten to break wide open and my heart hurts.

    Another students faces a reality of a brother gone over the edge and anger threatening to tear apart his family. Another student struggles with bullying. Another with sexting.

    I want so much to scoop these kids up and make it all go away. How can they sit and listen to English and writing and Spelling amidst all their pain?

    So, I trudge forward, trying desperately to share that Gospel I so boldly proclaim. I try to be the light in their lives, keeping boundaries, setting firm guidelines, and yet still loving them. Summer is only a stone's throw away, and yet for many of my students the relief is only temporal. I have so little time to show them the eternal relief found in Christ's love.

    It's back to the grindstone. Another day's work beckons. Pray for me. Pray for my students.