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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    a memorable memory

    Although it has only been twenty four hours since we returned from the land of the wet, I am now nostalgically reflecting upon our camping trip this past weekend.
    It was very wet, mostly cold, and did I mention, very wet? Yet, as I look upon those moments now- I remember sitting with the Newman's inside their food tent- enjoying the cocoa, hot coffee, and conversation about the funny things 6th grade girls do!
    It was a fact that my children went through all of their packed clothing and completely soaked them by 1 pm on Saturday and I did pay $4 trying to dry them in the camp dryer. Yet, I fondly remember the absolutely delighted look on my sons' faces as they trounced through the mud, puddles, and yes, the stream running alongside our campsite. It was priceless.
    It was a fact that my tent became a lake in itself- a lake so large that not even a plethora of both towels could diminish it. Yet- it sticks in my head the hushed, quiet whispers of 9 children all tucked in a cabin rented just for the evening, trying desperately to keep repressed all the giggles that were erupting to the surface.
    I did not sleep well in that cabin- it was a fact that Delaney did wake up at 2 am screaming, "I WANT TO GO POTTY", only to be put on the potty and then scream, "NO POTTY!!!". Now, as I look back on that horrid experience, I remember the tweens/teens retelling the story to each other, laughing in gusts between sentences.
    And, it was a fact that in my bed, not one, but TWO children (who shall remain nameless) had accidents, so that by the end of the evening, all 4 of us (Delaney, Chad, Blake, and I) were squished in the amount of space normally reserved for ONE person. I was very annoyed and cramped for space. But, the next morning, when Delaney was running around the cabin, naked from the waist down and those tweens/ teens were screaming, aghast, at the naked baby, I could only laugh myself. They have so much to learn. Naked babies are just plain cute!
    So- by all accounts, it should have been a miserable weekend...but as I remember it, it was only a memorable memory!