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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Angel Kisses and Hugs

    Yesterday was such a low day. I woke up weeping. A friend (she is in the red sweatshirt- she was Chad's most amazing Kindergarten teacher!!!) very dear to my heart suffered an acute asthma attack and is still in ICU in a coma. I arrived at school Friday, swollen-eyed and not very excited to be there, especially because I was facing 21 students ready for their Spring Break to begin.
    My eyes may have never dried out had I not paid close attention to the four angels sent my way to give me an "angel set of hugs and kisses". Two vase of flowers arrived on my desk with notes of sweet encouragement, a card from a group of girls reminding that Jesus Loves Me, a soda from a co-worker with a back scratch, and a hug from a mom all snuck in throughout the day. By the end of the day, my heart felt a little less burdened, and as I went to my doctor's appointment, I was replaying these moments.
    Then my doctor's visit. We spent probably 45 minutes (which is a long time for a doctor's visit- especially for just a prescription refill check! :)) sharing our faith stories and God- moments back and forth. I shared my fears about Cherie, the thoughts of losing her earthly presence, and she quickly reminded me how powerful prayer is. She said she sees more of God's handiwork and his miracles in her job than I could imagine.
    Cherie is in God's hands, and even in my moments of weak faith, God put these many angels at my side to remind how incredibly powerful and loving he is. As I lay in bed last night, reading the latest updates on Cherie, I was reminded of Cherie's faith in her Savior. She truly lets her light shine and never seems burdened by the struggles that she endures. I thank God for this faith mentor he has placed in my life, and that he took a whole day to remind me that I am his and he cares to hear even my fears for a dear friend.
    My God is an AWESOME God!
    UPDATE- She is off the ventilator, trying to speak. The miracles keep happening, hour by hour!