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    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Christmas Eve Reflections

    Merry Christmas to all!
    As I sat my four children down in front of our tiny little Charlie Brown tree this evening, my voice started to rise, trying to reach above the mayhem that comes from taking pictures of four squirmy children on Christmas Eve. I think I was getting a little too loud.

    "Mom- stop!," my 12 year old yelled, "this is supposed to be fun and you are yelling at us!"

    Oops. My voice was a little loud- but in my defense- I am naturally loud.
    Anyway, she was right, trying to get the perfect picture, I was losing it. Moments before we left for church. I am sure my God is up there in the heavens just chuckling over my antics. Some people's children never change.
    We have had a good year. And look at how my children have changed. Caelin seems to have grown overnight into a young teenager. Chad is still the most smiley boy I have ever met, Blake still pushed all my buttons and yet tugs at my heart strings with his quiet hugs, and Delaney. She still rules our roost. Even at three.
    My prayer as I head into this new year is that you find your Savior and appreciate all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. I would love the chance to chat with you again in heaven. My prayer requests? Pray for my journey as I head into the final countdown to Honduras. I am terrified and yet extremely excited at the same time. I know God will use me and I guess even that terrifies me. I hope I don't mess it up- good thing he will use me in spite of me!
    Have a blessed remaining of your 2009.