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    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Watch where you walk

    The day started out better than it ended yesterday. Last night, I retired early- around 7 pm- fighting a stomach bug, riding the waves of nausea, vowing not to throw up, and aching. Oh, my head ached.
    So, this morning was looking to be better. The nausea was gone, the headache was minimal, and we were headed to the beach. I packed my five favorite books, my new iPod, and was looking forward to what the day held.
    Until, the stupid bird pooped on me. Seriously. I have always joked about it. But, there I was, standing under the tall Florida pines, feet away from the water, and I felt something wet graze my hairline and plop onto my shirt. Looked down.
    Yep. definitely bird poop.
    After hollering for a moment or two about just my luck, I laughed. I mean, seriously, what can I do?
    If this is any precursor to the year ahead of me, I better keep laughing! Or find myself some serious prayer warriors!
    After the poop- the beach was great. I just avoided all trees! :)