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    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Father's Day and a Mother's Pride

    My Chad, now 11, demonstrated the kindest heart recently in a way that pierced mine. As he nears closer to those teenage years, I hope he never loses his sensitivity, his tenderness.

    His friend, Jared, lost his dad two year's ago tomorrow. Chad was with Jared when RJ died. Chad and Jared were inseparable for the entire week after he died. Those two are just solid friends.
    For Father's Day, my kids decided that they wanted to take Cory fishing in north Georgia. That Sunday, Chad came to me and pulled me aside,
    "Mom, today's not a good day for Jared. Can we bring him too? He loves to fish."
    After convincing him to ask his dad privately, not in front of Jared, he did just that. Two hours later, Jared joined our crew as we headed north for two days of fishing and camping. Only Cory rivaled Jared in the number of fish caught. He had the best weekend, and I think RJ was smiling.
    I was smiling too- I was beaming with pride. My son understood friendship and he shared his dad.

    (Jared- is the one holding the fish! :))